Public Meeting – 13 July 2018


A Public Meeting was held in the Village Hall on Friday 13 July 2018 as part of the Cowfold Neighbourhood Planning process.  Each proposer who had put forward a potential site for development provided a presentation of the site, include the number of dwellings and benefits to the community, followed by a short Question and Answer session.


Links to the individual presentations in pdf format are provided below:​​​​

Introduction  Jerry Hooper, CNP Chair
CNP01/10: Brookhill/Glebe TimBryant/Abingworth Developments (12 minutes)
CNP02/03: Thornden West/Potters Daniel Corcoran/Devine Homes (12 minutes)
CNP04: Dragons Lane Chris Law (7 minutes)
CNP04B: Dragons Lane Chris Law (Revised Proposal)
CNP05: Cowfold Lodge Rahul Taheem (7 minutes)
CNP06/07/09: Eastlands Farm/Lane Chris Barker/Hunter Group (17 minutes)
CNP08:  Horse Wood Adam Day/Gladmans (7 minutes)
CNP11: Riverside Neufville – late entry (7 minutes)
Closing comments Jerry Hooper